From the towering cliffs of Wadi Rum to the underwater coral paradise in the Red Sea, Jordan is a playground for all kinds of activities and adventure. UTA offers unrivaled access to them all, including guided hikes through the spectacular Wadi Mujib canyon above the Dead Sea and to sections of the newly completed Jordan Trail.


In the incomparable Wadi Rum, UTA can arrange the full spectrum of activities from 4×4 tours and camel treks to rock climbing and even hot air balloon rides above the majestic landscape. Any visit can be rounded off by sleeping under the stars in one of the modern desert campsites.


Laying on the coast of the Red Sea at Jordan’s very southern tip, Aqaba is the kingdom’s aquatic sports hub. Scuba divers and snorkelers can survey the area’s stunning corals and internationally renowned dive sites, which include wreck dives around a submerged ocean liner and former Jordan Army tank.

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