About Us

United Travel Agency (UTA) is dedicated to providing professional, personal and flexible tourist services for anyone wishing to discover the unique history, culture and landscapes of Jordan. With a track record that is almost as old as the kingdom itself, and a team that boasts extensive credentials in travel and destination management services, UTA is unparalleled partner for any visit to Jordan.


UTA can help tailor memorable and enriching experiences for adventurers, explorers, adrenaline junkies, history enthusiasts, art lovers, foodies, explorers and religious and eco-tourists, and can cater for individuals, families and any group large or small seeking a truly memorable, enriching and authentic experience in this endlessly fascinating and inspiring country. UTA is also able to provide knowledge and insight to any guest seeking to venture into the wider Levant region.


As proud Jordanians, UTA’s mission is to always support local communities, preserve the nation’s history, protect its environment and champion Jordan’s culture and heritage.


UTA has been recognised by the government and sector as a leader in tourist services and destination management.

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