Volun-tourism at UTA involves volunteering for a charitable cause! Our packages differ in the scope of volunteering based upon the request of our client. From visiting and donating to various NGO projects, planting trees in dry areas, to providing manual help in building schools in underdeveloped areas, UTA can offer a number of different itineraries all geared towards “doing something good”.
 We work with a number of different charitable organizations and associations to offer our guests a variety of activities they can perform. Some of our partners in this initiative include:

A Queen Rania initiative, Madrasati makes the issue of tackling the state of public schools its priority (approximately 15% of which are considered badly inhabited) by ensuring that schools adhere to national safety requirements; basic amenities are in good condition such as bathrooms, windows, and furniture.

Al Shajarah NGOAl Shajarah NGO has as its mission to promote the acknowledgment of trees as being critical to the ecological balance and attainment of sustainable socio-economic development. The initiative aims to increase the number of trees in the Kingdom and changing public perception towards the environment.

Zikra InitiativeFor more information on the Zikra initiative, please view the Cultural Exchange Tours

Theodor Schneller School
The Theodor Schneller School aims to provide education and a healthy home to underprivileged children regardless of gender, race, or religion. The aim is to equip these children with the necessary means to become responsible citizens in their societies by nurturing them spiritually, ethically, and by caring for their physical needs, academic education, and vocational training.

The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf
The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf seeks to develop and provide comprehensive services for people who are deaf, deafblind, or otherwise disabled. It wishes to enable and equip them for inclusion and participation in their families and civic society in a meaningful way.
 For more information on the various Volun-Tourism possibilities available, please contact us and let us our team advise you on the different programs and program durations available to suit your needs.