Faith Based/Abraham Path

Jordan is a modern country with an ancient culture, a land of which visitors can walk through the valleys, hills and plains whose names have become part of human history by virtue of the simple deeds and profound messages of prophets who walked the land and crossed its rivers during their lives.
Many of the sites in Jordan are said to have performed miracles or reached out to ordinary people have been identified, excavated and protected, and are now more easily accessible to visitors. The most recently excavated spot is at Bethany beyond the Jordan, where John the Baptist preached and baptized Jesus Christ. His Holiness Pope John Paul II said mass at this site in the year 2000, and five other sites, Amman Citadel, Anjara, Tell Mar Elias and Mukawer, were named as millennium pilgrimage sites. Abraham PathThe Abraham Path (Masar Ibrahim al Khalil) is a route of cultural tourism which follows the footsteps of Abraham / Ibrahim through the Middle East. The story of Abraham / Ibrahim's journey, which has been kept alive for some four thousand years in the landscape and memory of this region, records the origin of a spiritual tradition shared by more than three billion people in the world today.By retracing this journey, the Abraham Path provides a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, inviting us to remember our common origins, to respect our cultural differences, and to recognize our shared humanity. The path also serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and economic development; a platform for the energy and idealism of young people; and a focus for positive media highlighting the rich culture and hospitable people of the Middle East.Stretching from Turkey to Israel, the Abraham Path crosses through Northern Jordan and includes visits to sites such as Wadi Orjan and Saint Elijah’s Hill. UTA offers a variety of programs for our visitors interested in faith based tours. These range from the shorter stay itineraries up to 12 day tours. Sites visited include: Amman / Madaba / Jerash / Umm Qais / Wadi Orjan / Rasoon / Saint Elijahs Hill / Pella / Anjara / Dead Sea / Jordan Valley / Bethany beyond the Jordan / Mount Nebo / Mukawer / Kings Highway / Kerak / Um Rassas / Salt / Wadi Rum / Aqaba / Tel Mar Elyas / Listib / Baoun