Much has been written and said in recent years with regards to Eco-Tourism. In fact, the term has taken on a very broad meaning that encompasses a number of different criterions.
At UTA, we have managed to create packages that tick all the boxes! With UTA, we strive to offer our Eco-tourists trips that promise to involve travel to natural destination, minimize impact on the environment, build environmental awareness, provide direct financial benefits for conservation, respect local culture, and support empowerment for local people. To this end, we are pleased to offer tours that visit a number of eco-sites such as the Azraq Wetland Reserve and the Dana/Feynan Eco Lodge amongst others.
Activities include bird-watching, hiking, accommodation in eco-lodges, transportation in hybrid vehicles, excursions to different natural gorges, ancient aqueducts and water reservoirs, camping under the stares in Wadi Rum, visits to the natural hot springs of Ma’an, and dining with a local family. Discover the different flora, fauna, and cultural heritage sites that make the Kingdom one of the prime destinations for Eco-Tourism. Upon request, the team at UTA can also help travelers determine the carbon footprint of their travels, and assist them in determining how to off-set these.

Sites visited include:

  1. Dana Natural Reserve
  2. Azraq Wetland Reserve
  3. Wadi Feynan
  4. Wadi Mujib
  5. Dibeen Forest Reserve
  6. Dead Sea Panorama
  7. Bethany
  8. Rasoon
  9. Wadi Orjan
  10. Um Rassas