Wadi Rum

Private UTA Luxury Camp

UTA is delighted to announce the opening of our own private camp in Wadi Rum! Bringing you five star amenities in the middle of the Desert! Our camp has hot running water, clean WC’s and showers, private tents and much, much more… To see some images of our private camp, please click here

Luxury Camps – Beit Ali

The camp and rest area is built in the Bedouin Arabic tradition blending naturally into its desert surroundings. Together with its large modern kitchen "Bait Ali" has traditional Bedouin tented areas, modern showers and toilets: terraced areas with "zerb oven", bar facilities and of course plenty of room for camping, whether in the tents already on site or in motor caravans.

Standard Camps – Hillawi

The Wadi Rum campsites are strategically positioned to allow for easy access to tourist attractions and for a good night’s rest after a long day’s exploration. There are 25 campsites located inside the reserve.They usually offer basic amenities such as traditional camel hair Bedouin tents, pillows, mattresses, blankets and traditional Arabic food.